EP 100: What’s Your Gig – with Elizabeth Eiss

There’s no denying that the workforce structure and outlook for the future is dramatically changing. Today’s guest, Elizabeth Eiss, is a pioneer in that movement, with technology that matches highly skilled “professional freelancers” with positions.

As more employers realize the value of a “lean and mean” structure, hiring in a non-traditional way begins to make more sense. Whether you’re looking for a gig, or looking to hire skilled workers in an innovative way, you’ll enjoy this episode.

About Elizabeth:

Elizabeth Eiss is a results guru who helps others get work done well. She’s a thinker, creator, technology systems designer and expert in agile work force trends or what’s known as the ‘Gig Economy.’  She is passionate about entrepreneurship and empowering the purpose of small and mid-sized businesses.

A serial business leader, Elizabeth is an accomplished, innovative executive who has successfully led multi-billion dollar organizations as well as start-up ventures in technology, alternative investments, and staffing. Elizabeth has a track record of progressive accomplishments in the C-suite, operations, business expansion, turn-arounds, M&A, and leveraging technology to build business value.  She has had a particular focus on knowledge work and how technology can make experts readily available when their expertise is needed.

A technology pacesetter, Elizabeth is the founder and CEO of ResultsResourcing®, an online freelance talent concierge platform and service.  ResultsResourcing® helps organizations scale by leveraging virtual freelance professionals found, vetted and hand-curated using propriety technology Elizabeth designed and co-developed.

In this episode we discuss:

  • What the gig economy is and how it’s transforming the way we do business
  • What types of jobs you can outsource to gig workers
  • What the blowfish effect is and how it can lead to significant business growth

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