Book Update – How it’s Going

The book officially launched on Sept 20 and since then many of you have been asking for updates.

I’ll share the highlights but first let me say this. This is my first book, and I’ve learned many things. One of the biggest realizations has been that, much like raising a child, bringing a book into the world requires a strong community and awesome supporters like you.

Because of your help so many things have already been achieved. Here are a few highlights.


Interviews and podcasts 

I’ve already done many podcast interviews, but some have not been released yet. Here are a couple you can listen to and share:



It’s been fun to speak to some very interesting and diverse groups, including the following. If you know of other groups that host speakers I would love the introduction: 

  • ASQ 
  • NYWIB (New York Women in Business) – upcoming next week!
  • Leading a roundtable at the Enterprising Women conference next month


Book Sales 

Several people have been asking about book sales and I’ve finally been able to see a report that sales are steady and growing. I appreciate your support! 



The Boardroom community for entrepreneurs continues to grow. Basic membership is free and is available to business owners, whether you’re a start up or more well-established. You just have to answer a few simple questions (or be referred by an existing member). If you do need additional support, set up a time to talk with me about whether a mastermind group or individual coaching would be a good fit for you.


Reviews and Orders

Some people sent me screen shots showing that they were having difficulty leaving a review on Amazon. If this is you, or if you have not yet left a review, could you please take a few minutes to do so. It would truly mean so much to me.

Some people have purchased books as stocking stuffers or to share with business groups. Please note that the lead time for larger orders is 3 weeks, so plan ahead if this is something you’re planning on doing.


Big Gratitude

Releasing this book is truly a dream come true, and none of this would be possible without your help. I am truly grateful and look forward to supporting YOU on your journey to achieving your goals and your dreams!

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