Book Review:The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up

One of our wonderful followers, Manda Toyou, was kind enough to write this book review for us. Manda recently won one of our contests, and the prize was meant to be this book. When it turned out that she had already read it I asked if she would tell us what she thought. This is what she had to say:

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo has been revolutionary in my life. I haven’t finished the book yet but the principles I’ve learned so far have stuck with me. Known affectionately as “Packy” by my Great Grandfather, I’ve held onto the littlest things for all kinds of reasons. Who knows, I might need this “one day”. And years pass without it so much as coming out of a box.

After a friend of mine raved about this book online, I bought it and read about 3/4’s of it. Then I moved. When packing to move, and then unpacking at the new place, I felt such a wave of freedom come over me with my willingness to let things go. I no longer ruminate over memories, or save a piece of clothing because it might some day fit me again. I am so much quicker to “let things go” than I ever was.

Even more exciting was the amount of “stuff” I was able to donate and help other people. This last move I literally gave away 3 huge (not kitchen sized) black garbage bags worth of clothes, shoes, toys and kitchen gadgetry. A year ago that would have NEVER happened.

I have learned and am learning that if it doesn’t have a purpose in my life (or bring me joy), that I do not need it… many things, people and commitments in our lives do we have that serve no purpose or do not bring us joy? This book reaches far beyond just ridding your home of things. It has made me see life differently.


Thank you, Manda, for the great review. Here is the link to this book on Amazon for anyone who’s interested.

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