Are You a DealMaker?

This is a little bit embarrassing, but I’ve done this, and I wonder if you have, as well…
I used to try to cut deals with the Universe.
I say Universe, but you can call it God, your Higher Power, or whatever you choose to call this Force that is Greater than Ourselves.
Have you ever tried bargaining with that Higher Power?

“Hey there, Big U, it’s me. Lately I’ve been feeling really strongly that I should travel (paint, write, change jobs, go fishing…) and I really want to, but I’m not really sure, so first can you just give me a sign. Oh, and my bank account is a little low so I’d like $5,000 and I’m a bit lonely, so how about I get a date with Susie. Okay, thanks. If you just do that itty bitty thing for me then I’ll really believe in all of this manifestation stuff…”
That sounds so absurd, but I spent YEARS trying to cut these kind of deals.
See, I knew that the whole Law of Attraction thing was real because in my own life I had so many examples – and some of them lasted for years – of what we call “living in the flow” – that state where you’re almost dancing through life, where the right people and so-called happy coincidences lined up one after another to help me on my way.
And when this flow was working it was pretty cool. I easily manifested incredible places to live in capitol cities across the globe, I went to all the arts and theater premiers and attended parties with world leaders and society’s creme de la creme, I traveled, got to be a part of some incredible communities of creative people, and in general I was having a pretty amazing time.
My list goes on and on. I have been very blessed and all of that was easy, fun and almost effortless to create. (In case you”re wondering, I didn’t come from a privileged background – in fact, my family’s money struggles are a big part of my story, but that’s a topic for a different article).
What I did manage to tap into when I was creating all that was the power of the Universe, and I did it before I even really knew what I was doing. It was instinctual and it obviously worked. 
It was only later, when I started to try to manipulate the outcome, like with that example about trying to make the deal with Big U, that I fell really out of step with the whole thing. And losing that flow was no fun. I lost money, went into debt and seriously wondered if life was ever going to be easy again.
That time was dark and it was scary, but it led me on a journey of self-discovery and a deep dive into figuring out how this stuff works. And you know what I found out?
I was going about everything the wrong way because I never understood it properly in the first place.
I’m probably a bit of an anomaly because I am very intuitive and am comfortable with following my intuition, but I’m also analytical. I want to know how and why things work. That’s what led me to study and finally understand how to really harness the power of the Universe and how to tap into it not by making deals, but in an entirely different way.
I’m going to be sharing the lessons I learned in my newsletters and on my Facebook page, so please make sure you keep checking both of these out (if you’re using Gmail you might want to drag this post from Promotions into your Primary inbox so you don’t miss any of the information). If you want to get a jump start on your own manifestation powers right now, our home study course takes you through the process and you can do that at your convenience, right from your computer.
Thank you for listening to my story and for being here. Please keep checking back and comment on my Facebook page.
I look forward to learning about your successes as we move forward.
It’s going to be an extraordinary year!

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