It’s time.

Time to stop firefighting.

And getting stuck in the weeds.

It’s time to get off the hamster wheel for good.

Because you’ve hit that frustrating level where, yes, you’re succeeding but at the same time feeling trapped and stuck.

Working too many hours, and not knowing how to break through this frustrating plateau without sacrificing your health and sanity.

With days filled with employee issues and minutiae you can’t escape… the dream of your business providing freedom feels like a distant memory.

It’s hard, and it gets lonely.

I get it. And you’re NOT alone.

I’m Elin Barton, and I help people just like you stop spinning their wheels and get the support they need so they can get their GRIT back.



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Which type of entrepreneur are you?

There are two types of entrepreneurs. Some people run businesses as a hobby. Others inherit a family business, and there are those who get in the game because it’s in their blood or because they want the challenge of making some extra money while doing something that they’re passionate about.

But if you’re the other kind of entrepreneur – the kind whose business is the main source of income for your family and employees – that’s when things get “real” and you should pay particular attention here. Because if you’re this type of entrepreneur and your business is underperforming, a Dynamic Upwards Pivot can not only stop you from heading in a direction that you don’t want to go- it can set you up for success on a level that up until now you have only dreamed of.


You can learn more about the Dynamic Upwards Pivot in my book. Ready Set Grit: Three Steps to Success in Life, Business, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

My Story

Pragmatism and Pixie Dust.

As an entrepreneur myself (the “this business is not only my lifeline, but it’s my life kind of entrepreneur, no less), I know all too well what it’s like when the business is heading south. It happened to me in a big and dramatic way, to the point where there were days when grocery money was questionable or nonexistent and when the lights and phone were just barely (and sometimes miraculously) staying on.

Going through all of that, I would have given anything if someone could have come in, sprinkled some pixie dust around the office and just made all of those money issues go away.

I thought I understood what I needed to do- had watched The Secret at least 50 times, for God’s sake! I was practicing positive thinking, affirmations, brave actions, and making lots and lots of cold calls. I was working 12-15 hour days, doing everything in my power to turn things around. But what I didn’t understand was, it’s impossible to make the kind of shift I needed without digging in and doing what needed to be done on a core level – on the foundation – to move things forward.

Now that I understand how the Dynamic Upward Pivot works not only has everything shifted for me, but it’s work­ing for other entrepreneurs too. It may not be magic, but when you understand how to harness the power and show up and do the work, that’s when you entire world transforms into something you could have only imagined before.


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