A semester abroad is supposed to be life-changing but rarely does anyone sign up for the experience expecting to have the kind of events show up that happened with Jennifer Sutton. She survived an abduction, serious car crash and several bouts of malaria and came out GRATEFUL for the experience.


Jennifer Sutton, M.B.A., is a Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer, Transformational Journeys Guide, and Shoshin Ryu martial arts teacher whose mission is to help people clear fear and pain so they can find and live in their joy on a consistent, daily basis. Jennifer supports individuals and groups using EFT tapping, brain training, and laughter to release physical and emotional pain and self-judgement allowing them to move toward a place of peace and self-confidence. She offers individual and group services locally across the Finger Lakes region, nationally, and internationally (via webinar and video calls).  You can learn more at www.whatifwellness.net and find her classes on her Facebook page at www.facebook.com/whatifwellness.