About Elin Barton

Hi. I’m Elin. I’m a speaker, writer and coach and I’m also a long time entrepreneur and business owner. I’ve got two daughters, a husband, a horse, two dogs and a cat, and now I live in Upstate New York. But before that I lived in Los Angeles, Prague, London and Edinburgh, to name just a few of the highlights.

I’ve made a lot of changes and pivots in my life and have had such a wild adventure of it that I’m now doing a lot of writing, speaking and coaching to help other people move forward and start living their life on purpose, on their own terms.

My thinking and teaching combines a lot of the principles of the Law of Attraction with the practical. I believe very strongly that the spiritual world plays a big part in all that we do, but I also understand balance sheets, HR concerns, and what it’s like to juggle running a business, raising kids and trying to juggle cooking dinner and feeding your intellectual curiosity at the same time.

My passion is to help others be courageous in finding their own voice and in stepping into their purpose for being here on this planet. I believe that when you’re in alignment with your purpose things flow easily for you, and my goal is to help people get closer to that place of flow through what I teach, write and speak, and through the home study courses.

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