What if life didn’t just happen TO you?

So many people go through life almost as if they are sleepwalking – going to work, paying the bills, watching TV, waking up and do it all over again… What if life was so much more? What if you had the power to not only get in touch with your purpose and your deepest desires, but what if you could actually create the very life that you’ve been dreaming of – by design, right now? I believe that not only is this possible, but that as humans we have a responsibility to make our time here on the planet count. One thing I know for sure about life is that time is finite but we can make our time here matter. Our programs are designed to help you choose happiness, find fulfillment and embrace a life that is abundant and that is aligned with your purpose and greatest desires.

Do you ever feel blocked, stuck or uninspired?

Recharge your energy and kick up the vibration as you learn how to change your life by reframing your thoughts and limiting beliefs. Kick-start your transformation in this interactive workshop where you’ll learn action steps for creating the life of your dreams. Join one of Elin Barton’s interactive online programs!

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“Elin Barton was the perfect facilitator. She challenged each of us to dig deep for our dreams and goals and taught us ways to make them happen.”

Christine D.

“I have been an entrepreneur for most of my adult life. However, I struggled to reach a true level of success and happiness. I had read a lot about the “Law of Attraction” and watched “The Secret”. I knew the techniques worked tremendously for some. Yet I still found myself stuck in the same old life. I am so happy I found Elin to coach me. She helped get me unstuck. She helped me to figure out what I truly wanted in my business and in my life. She supported me in taking charge of my life as the creator. She worked with me to identify a direction for my life and my own business. I am now in charge of my life and my future. I am now manifesting my dreams and creating a life I love.”

Bill M.

“I came to Elin’s sessions feeling stuck and aimless. I knew that I still had a lot of amazing potential available to me but manifesting that potential just wasn’t happening for me. Elin’s guidance helped me to find clarity, recognize my own agency, and renewed my energy which has allowed me to get out of the rut that I had created. I am truly grateful for the gift of Elin’s sessions and I highly recommend them to anyone who seeks to rediscover their divinity.”

Bathabile M.

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